Tuesday’s Tucson Forecast: Afternoon breezes, evening sprinkles



Today – Mostly cloudy, breezy. 89°, southwest wind 15-30 MPH.

Tonight – 10% chance of showers. 60°, southeast wind 5-10 MPH.

Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. 87°, west-southwest wind 10-15 MPH.



Keeping it under 90° thanks to a pair of approaching storm systems.

A low pressure trough slides into the state from Sonora. This increases southwest winds up to 30 MPH this afternoon. Daytime highs reach the upper 80s in Tucson, running a degree or two below average for mid-May.

Enough moisture may be present for a stray shower this evening. Areas near the New Mexico border stand the best chance of a few showers.

Late week features a stronger storm system approaching from the Gulf of Alaska. Gusty winds redevelop Thursday afternoon, followed by a 10% chance of isolated thunderstorms as early as Friday. A 20% chance of storms is possible early Saturday as highs drop to the mid 70s. Early next week sees daytime highs return to the 80s, which is below average.


Courtesy: USGS
Courtesy: USGS

7.3 magnitude quake in Nepal early this morning, killing 42. As a reminder, the Red Cross is accepting donations. (MSNBC)

Our late week cold front could be the trigger for the next severe weather outbreak in the nation’s midsection. (Aeris Weather)

Australian Bureau of Meteorology confirms what our NOAA folks have been seeing: El Nino in the Pacific. (Twitter.com/AlexJLamers)


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tucson Forecast: Afternoon breezes, evening sprinkles

  1. Jeff, I have lived in Arizona all 58 years of my life. I’d love to know which dates hold the record for the earliest 100 degree temp. and the latest date to hit 100 for the first time. It feels like it’s later this year. Thanks, a loyal watcher. Martin Ellsworth

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