100° heat is a good thing! (Trust me)

It sounds crazy, but there is a silver lining to the sweltering temps we’ll endure this month. Allow me to explain.

100 june

The reason June’s the hottest month of the year is due to the large, unforgiving dome of high pressure that generally develops in Mexico. High pressure is Mother Nature’s vice grip – it squeezes the atmosphere, compressing air molecules. These air molecules bounce off one another rapidly, creating friction, heat and many triple digit days.

What good comes out of this? Fast forward to July.

100 july

That same high pressure center heads north and usually parks near the Four Corners. Air flow around high pressure is clockwise, so winds aloft shift from southwest in June to southeast a month later. Moisture typically trapped in the Gulf of Mexico and mainland Mexico is allowed to surge into Arizona, thus bringing the onset of the Monsoon.

Long story short: the Monsoon high is developing. Be patient. Stay cool! The payoff arrives around the 4th of July.


2 thoughts on “100° heat is a good thing! (Trust me)

  1. I trust you Jeff, but June is a tough ‘pill’ to swallow. Oddly it never seems to get easier, even after this years truly wonderful prolonged flowery, lovely cool Spring, a couple of days in to the 100’s I’m already begging for November…

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