Friday’s Tucson Forecast: Sonoran swelter starting to build




Today – Mostly sunny. 99°, west wind 10-15 MPH.

Tonight – Clear. 69°, southeast wind 5-10 MPH.

Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, hot. 100°, west wind 10 MPH.



The first serious heat wave of 2015 is just days away.

Highs this afternoon reach the upper 90s across the Old Pueblo. While valley floors see mostly sunny skies, a weak trough may touch off an isolated storm or two in the White Mountains through the weekend. Expect a return of triple digit heat in Tucson as soon as tomorrow.

The first few days of Monsoon 2015 features dangerous heat. High pressure parks over the state, leading to daytime temperatures in the 104-108° range the middle of next week. Deserts west of Tucson may make a run at the 110° mark. These temperatures will be the hottest we’ve seen so far this year.

Overnight lows range from the upper 60s tonight to mid 70s Tuesday through Thursday.


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