Climatology 101: June 2015 one of the hottest (and wettest)

Courtesy: NWS Tucson
Courtesy: NWS Tucson

June heat is expected. June rain is much more rare. We saw plenty of both last month.

Officially at Tucson International Airport, June 2015 goes down as the 14th warmest on record with an average temperature of 88.6°. Driving the average temperature up was the 15 straight days with highs at/above 105°, which is the 5th longest 105°+ streak. TIA also recorded the first back to back 110° days since 2013.

Remnant moisture from Andres and Blanca & an early onset to the Monsoon helped to bring the 14th wettest June in the Old Pueblo. The 0.56″ rain last month at TIA is 0.36″ above average.

Below is the complete June 2015 climate report, put together by the National Weather Service Tucson.

Temperature extremes for the month ranged from a high of 110° on the 18th & 19th to a low of 68° on the 7th. The monthly average temperature of 88.6° is 3° above normal and ranks as the 4th warmest on record tied with 1990. Four daily temperature records, one high and three high minimums, were set or tied in June. On the 21st and 25th the low temperature both days was 83° which ranks tied for the 9th warmest low temperature in June on record.
Some interesting climate tidbits also came out of June. Each daily low temperature during June was above normal. Since 1972, this is the fourth month for this to occur (February 2001, June 2006 & May 2009). The monthly average dewpoint was 43°. This is the highest monthly value for June since 2000 when the monthly average was a June record 50°. The 13 straight days with highs of 105° or hotter is tied for the 5th longest streak on record.
June 2015 daily high temperature departure from normal June 2015 daily low temperature departure from normal
Click on image above for larger view
Rainfall across the metro area, using several sources like and the Pima County Regional Flood Control District gages, varied widely from 0.20″ to 2″, with the highest amounts on the northeast side of the metro area. The International airport, which is the official recording location for Tucson, recorded 0.56″ which ranks as the 14th wettest June on record, tied with 1920.
June 2015 stats
Average high temperature
+ 2.6°
Average low temperature
+ 4.9°
Average temperature
+ 3.8°
Days with highs 100° or greater
+ 4
Days with highs 105° or greater
+ 5
+ 0.36″

When did daily high/lows occur?
Average high temperature time
3:50 pm
3:50 PM
0 min
Average low temperature time
5:25 am
5:41 am
16 min. early
Average times based on data collected from 2001-2014

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