Friday’s Tucson Forecast: Thunder free to wrap the work week




Today – Partly cloudy. 96°, southwest wind 10-15 MPH.

Tonight – Mostly clear. 74°, southeast wind 5-10 MPH.

Tomorrow – 20% chance of storms. 98°, west-southwest wind 10 MPH.



Monsoon 2015 takes an off day in the Old Pueblo.

Dry air from the southwest shuts down storm chances for much of southern Arizona today, according to News 4 Meteorologist Jeff Beamish. Expect partly cloudy skies in Tucson with daytime highs reaching the mid 90s. Mountains, Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties stand a 10% chance of storms this afternoon.

High pressure near Dallas begins to track westward this weekend, opening up the pipeline to Monsoon moisture. Saturday and Sunday features a 20% chance of storms in Tucson with highs nearing 100°. Like today, higher elevations and areas east of Tucson stand the best shot at seeing storms.

The low grade Monsoon forecast continues next week, with a daily dose of isolated storms and triple digit heat.


One thought on “Friday’s Tucson Forecast: Thunder free to wrap the work week

  1. Jeff your news report on hiking safty was great, you may want to include the information about putting your cell phone in airplane mode so your battery does not die.

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