Tuesday’s Tucson Forecast: Slim storm chances rule the week




Today – 10% chance of storms, hot. 100°, west-southwest wind 10 MPH.

Tonight – Mostly clear. 77°, south-southeast wind 5 MPH.

Tomorrow – Partly cloudy. 99°, west-southwest wind 10 MPH.



A glimmer of hope for a stray thunderstorm today.

Enough energy is present in the atmosphere to warrant a 10% chance of storms in Tucson this afternoon. Most of the metro likely stays dry, with the International Border standing the best chance for isolated storms. For the 35th time this year, daytime highs reach 100° in the Old Pueblo.

Today’s Monsoon Prediction Index is 1 out of 10 for Tucson, indicating a low storm risk.

The thunder threat shifts south and east of Tucson tomorrow afternoon. Models hint at a few stray storms approaching the metro early Thursday morning. Winds aloft shift from the southwest to southeast early next week, leading to a better shot of thunderstorms across southern Arizona. Rain chances bump up to 30% by Monday.


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