Thursday’s Tucson Forecast: Gray & gloomy thanks to Linda




Today – Occasional showers, 20% chance of storms. 88°, northwest wind 5-10 MPH.

Tonight – Mostly cloudy. 73°, southeast wind 5 MPH.

Tomorrow – 10% chance of storms. 95°, west wind 10 MPH.



Ample moisture & cloud cover from Tropical Storm Linda supplies occasional showers much of the day. Clouds limit the thunder threat this afternoon, with a 20% chance of storms for Metro Tucson. Highs reach the mid to upper 80s in the Old Pueblo today, running 7-9° below average.

Today’s Monsoon Prediction Index is 2 out of 10 for Tucson, indicating a low storm risk.

Storm chances remain rather low heading into the weekend. Daytime highs tomorrow through Sunday reach the mid to upper 90s with a 10% chance of thunder each day. Mountaintops look to stand the best chance of isolated storms.

Next week features a series of troughs passing over the West Coast, keeping deep Monsoon moisture away from the state. Isolated storms are possible with highs dropping to the low 90s by Tuesday.


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