Storm Postmortem: One day, four seasons

October 6th, 2015 goes down as one of the wildest weather days I’ve seen in my 8 years in Arizona. In a 24 hour period, a slow moving low pressure trough brought all four seasons to the Grand Canyon State.

In Tucson, a Midwest-type Summer hailstorm pelted the Catalina Foothills. Quarter-size hail covered the ground near Pima Canyon. This likely contributed to roof issues at a big box store near Oracle/Orange Grove. Tuesday further cements 2015 as the “Year of Large Hail” in the Old Pueblo.

Courtesy: Buckeye Valley Fire Department
Courtesy: Buckeye Valley Fire Department

Tornadoes are common for the Central Plains in the Spring. Tuesday featured a rare landspout tornado west of Phoenix near Buckeye. This is similar to the confirmed tornado near Safford in late July, which is more of a ground-based circulation picked up by a thunderstorm updraft.

Clash of the seasons continued in the San Francisco peaks north of Flagstaff. Tuesday morning, snow fell above 10,000 feet. Add in the Fall foliage and you have one state experiencing all four seasons in one day.


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