Flood prone roads to avoid in Metro Tucson

During the Monsoon, normally dry wash crossing can quickly become raging rivers. Many of you know which roads to avoid in your neighborhood when storms hit. But do you know where other flood-prone roads are in Metro Tucson? Here is a complete list of what spots to watch out for on active Monsoon days.

  • Andrada Road east of Wentworth Road
  • Avra Valley Road (all)
  • Camino de Oeste from Gates Pass Road to Sweetwater Drive
  • Camino Loma Alta at the Rincon Creek
  • Camino Verde from Valencia Road to Bilby Road-Black Wash
  • CDO Wash at Wilds Road in Town of Catalina
  • Contractor’s Way (all)
  • Country Club Road at the Franco Wash
  • Drexel Road just east of Alvernon Way
  • Freeman Road between Broadway and Old Spanish Trail
  • Ft. Lowell Road from Conestoga Avenue to Melpomene
  • Gates Pass Road (all)
  • Harrison Road at Pantano Wash
  • Houghton Road between Andrada and Sahuarita Road
  • Ironwood Hills Drive from Shannon Road to Camino de Oeste
  • Kinney Road (all)
  • Limberlost Road from Soldier Trail to Homestead Avenue
  • Manville Road between Reservation Road and Avra Road
  • Mark Road from Jeffery Road to Los Reales Road
  • Mission Road from Drexel Road to San Xavier Roads
  • Old Spanish Trail Road from Jeremy Wash east to Camino Loma Alta Road
  • Old Vail Connection Road at the Franco Wash
  • Overton Road at Cañada del Oro Wash
  • Pump Station Road (all)
  • Rinconada Road south from Andrada to Sahuarita Road
  • River Road from Sabino Canyon Road to First Avenue
  • Sahuarita Road between Houghton Road and Country Club Road
  • Sandario Road (all)
  • Silverbell Road from Sweetwater Road to Ina Road
  • Snyder Hill Road (all)
  • Snyder Road from Kolb Road to Sabino Canyon Road
  • Soldiers Trail from Limberlost Road to Thunderbird Trail
  • Summit Street at the Franco Wash
  • Sunset Road from Camino De Oeste to Saguaro National Monument
  • Tangerine Road from the Santa Cruz River to Sweetwater Drive
  • Tanque Verde Loop from Tanque Verde Road to Speedway
  • Tanque Verde Road from Houghton Road to Redington Pass
  • Valencia Road from Ajo Way to Black

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