Weekend Update: Storms go MIA




Dry air prevails to start the upcoming week.

Westerly winds aloft shoves Monsoon moisture east of the state. Ample sunshine prevails across much of southern Arizona Sunday. Metro high temps peak in the upper 90s, running near seasonal normals. Areas near the New Mexico state line could see a few stray storms pop up to end the weekend.

Rain chances continue to be non-existent in Tucson Monday and Tuesday. Triple digit heat is anticipated for the beginning of the work week.

Monsoon moisture makes a brief return the middle of the week, introducing scattered storm chances to much of the Sonoran Desert. Wednesday and Thursday feature a 30% chance of metro storms, followed by another dry spell for Labor Day weekend.



Tucson, Ariz., (AP) — A mother and her infant son were killed Thursday when a tornado hit the San Xavier mission area southwest of Tucson.
Killed were MRS. LUCY NORRIS, 31, and her 10-month-old son, MARCIAN.

At least eight others were injured as the small but powerful twister demolished one home and damaged at least two more. Two of the injured were in critical condition.

Several nuns from the mission saw the funnel cloud approaching and ran to the basement of their building. The tornado tore off part of the roof but no nuns were injured. The mission itself escaped serious damage.

A meteorologist at Tucson International Airport said the tornado formed a funnel cloud that lasted four or five minutes, then disappeared into a rain storm.

The dead and injured were buried in debris of buildings in the Indian village which stands near San Xavier, a 287-year-old mission about a mile from Tucson city limits.


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