Monday’s Tucson Forecast: Heavy rainfall potential by mid-week




Today – Sunny & hot. 102°, west-southwest wind 10-15 MPH.

Tonight – Clear. 70°, southeast wind 5-10 MPH.

Tomorrow – 20% chance of storms. 96°, west-southwest wind 10 MPH.


Labor Day looks great, but the forecast may go downhill in 36 hours.

The Old Pueblo reaches triple digit territory this afternoon. This would mark the 60th day at or above 100° in 2016. Ample sunshine this afternoon gives way to clear skies overnight, as lows bottom out in the upper 60s to low 70s.


Tropical Storm Newton looks to have an impact on the forecast by mid-week. Newton is slated to move up the Gulf of California & send a surge of moisture into the state starting tomorrow. Expect a 20% chance of late day & evening storms Tuesday for Metro Tucson.

Remnants of Newton slide through the state Wednesday & early Thursday, coinciding with the primetime for heavy rainfall. The potential for 1-2″ rain exists for all of southern Arizona, with isolated spots picking up over 3″. There remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding the exact track of Newton, which will dictate where the heaviest rainfall sets up.

As of this morning, models indicated the heaviest rain band could set up over Pinal, Pima & Santa Cruz Counties. This is subject to change, depending on where Newton ends up going.


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