October temps soaring toward history

On October 6th, the high temperature in Tucson was 88°. Since then, each and every day has been at least 90°.

Counting Sunday, the Old Pueblo’s seen 17 straight days at or above 90°. This is the 6th longest October 90s streak on record. Tucson’s average last 90° day usually falls around October 23rd. That won’t be the case in 2016.


Hitting the 90s today would extend the streak to 18 days, making for the 5th longest October 90s streak. The last time Tucson hit 90°+ 18 straight days was in 1954. October’s longest 90s streak is 26 days. This will remain intact only because the month ends in 7 days.


Tucson’s Autumn heat wave likely makes this October the warmest on record, rewriting the top spot set in 1950. At some point, Fall-like temperatures will arrive for good. Tucsonans may have to wait well into November.


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