Tucson’s top 4 weather stories of 2016

What was the biggest weather story of 2016 in the Old Pueblo? Here’s how you voted on my Twitter poll over the weekend.

#4: The Winterhaven Microburst on June 26th


An isolated severe storm took down several trees in the Winterhaven neighborhood in the late afternoon hours of June 26th. Many homes were damaged in the process, in what locals called the worst storm to hit that area in decades.

#3: Newton’s record-setting rainfall on September 7th

11 AM Newton Advisory
11 AM Newton Advisory

Remnant moisture from Tropical Storm Newton soaked Southern Arizona. Tucson registered 1.25″ rain on September 7th, breaking the old mark of 1.15″ set on that date in 2006. Major flooding issues were avoided thanks to the slow, steady nature of the rain.

#2: 115° on June 19th


Of the 5 days Tucson reached 110°+ in 2016, June 19th stood out over others. That day saw the mercury climb to 115° at Tucson International Airport, which is the 3rd hottest temperature ever recorded in the Old Pueblo. It also broke the daily record of 112° set on that date in 1989.

#1: Warmest year on record for Tucson


Mark down 72.1° as Tucson’s average temperature in 2016. This matches the record set back in 2014. Driving last year into the record books? Two key components – Tucson’s warmest Fall & 4th warmest Summer on record.


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