Are spring allergies getting an early start?

There’s a good reason why your allergies are flaring up.

For the fourth straight February, Tucson is recording abnormal warmth. With an average temperature of 60.9° through February 22nd, the Old Pueblo is on pace for the fourth warmest February on record. This month’s average temperature is running almost 6° above the normal.

Late February’s predominant pollen makers are cottonwood, ash and juniper. Mulberry, ragweed and grass pollen gets added to the mix in March, according to University of Arizona Health Sciences. Spring allergies typically peak in late March & April.

Warmer temperatures can peak pollen counts much sooner. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center says odds favor a warmer than normal March-May period in Arizona, specifically in the eastern part of the state.

Want to know what’s ailing you? Click here to see the Tucson pollen calendar, compiled by the University of Arizona Health Sciences Department.


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