Climatology 101: Winter 2016-17 review

Winter weather record keeping is over. How did Tucson fare?

According to the National Weather Service, Tucson’s average Winter temperature checked in at 56.3°. This is good for the 4th warmest Winter on record. No doubt, this ranking was aided by the average Winter high temp of 68.8° in Tucson. Surprisingly, Tucson’s average Winter high temperature was warmer than Phoenix.

Rainfall for the Winter came in at 2.46″, making for the 49th wettest on record. This mark is roughly a quarter inch below the Winter average rainfall in Tucson.

In a typical Winter, Tucson records 11 mornings at or below 32°. Winter 2016-17 registered only 6 morning freezes.

Click here for the complete NWS climate recap of February & Winter 2016-17 in Tucson.

So what can we expect this Spring? Odds favor above average temperatures state-wide, especially in Eastern Arizona. The Spring precipitation outlook is not that promising. Tucson’s average rainfall from early March through late May is 1.20″. Chances are Southern Arizona comes in below that mark.

Spring rainfall is going to be a trend worth watching closely as we enter wildfire season in the Sonoran Desert. As of March 1st, Tucson is running a yearly rainfall deficit of 0.45″.


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