#WxGeekSpeak: Wind Shear

The blog introduces you to a technical term from the American Meteorology Society’s “Glossary of Meteorology”. Welcome to #WxGeekSpeak!

Wind shear plays a major role in tornado development. Click the video above to learn how it influences thunderstorms & can drive severe weather outbreaks.

Full definition of Wind Shear:

The local variation of the wind vector or any of its components in a given direction.

The vertical shear can be expressed in terms of height ∂V/∂z or of pressure ∂V/∂p as the vertical coordinate. If the wind is geostrophic, the vertical shear is given by the thermal wind equation. The wind shear at a point is said to be cyclonic or anticyclonic according to whether the sense of rotation from the wind vector to the shear vector at that point is cyclonic or anticyclonic.


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