Climatology 101: Warmest combined March/April on record

Off the heels of the warmest March on record, Tucson experiences its 4th warmest April.

With last month’s average temp of 71.1°, the Old Pueblo made history. Dating back to 1895, only one time Tucson registered a March-April time period as warm as 2017. The combined average temperature for March-April 2017 was 69.4°, matching the record mark set in 1989.

Other headlines for the April that was in Tucson:

  • First April in 11 years without measurable rainfall
  • 27th April without measurable rainfall
  • 8th earliest 1st 98° day on record (4/23)
  • 3rd straight April without setting a record high or low

Four months into 2017, the average temperature in Tucson sits at 62.9°. This is the second warmest January-April timeframe in recorded history. Tucson continues to sit in a rainfall deficit. Entering May, the Old Pueblo was running 1.25″ below average in the rain bucket.

Click here for the complete April 2017 climate report, compiled by the fine men & women at the National Weather Service Tucson.


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