#WxGeekSpeak: Omega Block

The blog introduces you to a technical term from the American Meteorology Society’s “Glossary of Meteorology”. Welcome to #WxGeekSpeak!

Mother Nature threw a block party this week & the entire country was invited. Click the video above to learn about the Omega Block & why it gets its moniker.

Full definition of Omega Block:

The obstructing, on a large scale, of the normal west-to-east progress of migratory cyclones and anticyclones.

A blocking situation is attended by pronounced meridional flow in the upper levels, often comprising one or more closed anticyclonic circulations at high latitudes and cyclonic circulations at low latitudes (cut-off highs and cut-off lows). This anomalous circulation pattern (the “block”) typically remains nearly stationary or moves slowly westward, and persists for a week or more. Prolonged blocking in the Northern Hemisphere occurs most frequently in the spring over the eastern North Atlantic and eastern North Pacific regions.


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