HEAT WAVE 2017: By the numbers

A heat wave over two decades in the making.

Between June 19th and June 25th, Tucson International Airport registered 7 straight days with a high temperature of at least 109°. This is the third longest streak on record, matching the 7 day stretch back in June 1994.

Here is a closer look at Heat Wave 2017:

112.7° – Average daily high between June 19th & June 25th. 3rd hottest week long stretch on record.

6 – number of days Tucson reached 110° or above. Most 110° days since 1994.

3 – number of consecutive days Tucson reached 115° or above, which is the longest streak on record.

3 – number of new entries into Tucson’s top 5 list of hottest days.

116° – Tucson’s high temperature on June 20th, which is the 2nd hottest daytime high ever recorded.

87° – Tucson’s low temperature on June 20th. Warmest morning low on record for the month of June.

101.5° – Tucson’s average temperature on June 20th.  1st time the Old Pueblo has ever recorded an average temp in the 100s.

Congratulations, desert dwellers! You survived one of the hottest weeks Tucson has ever seen.


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