Tuesday’s Tucson Forecast: When will 90 degree weather end?

As expected, the break from the 90s was short-lived.

The Old Pueblo peaks in the low 90s today. Of note, gusty east-southeast winds develop early this afternoon. Expect breezes up to 20 MPH through lunchtime, decreasing to the 5-15 MPH range later this afternoon & evening.

Plenty of sunshine prevails over the next week as any weather of significance remains well north of Arizona. Highs remain stuck in the low to mid 90s through at least Monday.

Are 90s rare in October? Not quite. Tucson typically sees 13 days at or above 90° during the month of October. The average date for the final 90° day is October 21st, although 1924 saw a 90° day recorded as late as November 22nd.

For perspective, October 2016 saw 26 days at or above the 90° mark at Tucson International Airport. That’s the second most 90° days ever recorded during the month of October.


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