Which Arizona county has the most reported tornadoes?

Eastern Pima County has experienced 21 tornadoes since 1950. Another Arizona county has recorded three times that amount.

According to National Weather Service data, 63 tornadoes have touched down in Maricopa County. This is the most recorded twisters for any county in Arizona. The last recorded tornado in Maricopa County was just last year, when a weak landspout touched down south of Downtown Phoenix.

Why does Maricopa County have such a large tornado count? Much of it has to do with population, which increases the odds for a tornado to be spotted by the public.

Greenlee & La Paz Counties have zero reported tornado touchdowns. These two counties are also the least populated in Arizona.

Here is a county by county breakdown of recorded tornadoes since 1950, including the year of the last tornado occurrence.

All told, 249 tornadoes have touched down in the state. Arizona averages four tornado touchdowns during the year, according to the Storm Prediction Center.


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