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Deflategate: How cold temps impact your car tires

How can you reduce vehicle emissions, save money on gasoline and extend the life of your tires?

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Why the Catalinas glow pink at sunset

Amazing atmospheric optics in action.

Often times during the year, the peaks of the Santa Catalina Mountains glow during dusk and dawn. It’s a phenomenon known as “alpenglow”. Here’s how it works.

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What the hail? How updrafts impact hail size

It’s a key component to thunderstorm development & subsequently, hail growth.

For a thunderstorm to develop, air must be rising. This rising air is called the updraft, allowing air to cool, condense and become a thunderstorm. The faster the updraft, the stronger the thunderstorm.

What updrafts are to thunderstorm development, downdrafts lead to their demise. Eventually, rain-cooled air sinking toward the ground chokes off the updraft, weakening thunderstorm activity.

Updrafts are also the catalyst behind hail development. The faster the updraft speed, the larger the hail is.

Some of the largest hail in southern Arizona is the size of quarters and golf-balls. To produce that size of hail in a storm, the updraft speed is equivalent to what you drive on I-10 in Tucson.

During severe weather season in the southern plains, updraft speeds can approach 100 MPH. This incredible updraft can help form softball-sized hail.

Climatology 101: Is this Tucson’s coolest start to October?

Sunshine and warmth typically dominate the first half of October. Both have been noticeably absent the last few weeks.

Through October 16th, Tucson’s average October temperature is 69.1°. This marks the 16th coolest start to October. It’s also the coolest start to October since 1982, when the average temperature was calculated at 67.0°.

Tucson’s coolest start to October on record is 65.6°, set in 1919.

All but one day this month has featured daytime highs running below average. The warmest day so far this October was 89° back on the 4th.

Tucson has already clinched the 8th wettest October on record. 2.30″ rain has been recorded through the first 16 days of the month, which is almost an inch and a half above normal.

The wettest October on record for Tucson is 4.98″, set in 2000 and 1983.